In order to create a Digital solution we work closely with each customer to understand business objectives/drivers and consumer/business needs. We then collaborate to build a tailored digital solution/ecosystem designed to meet drivers and needs. Our digital solution can include all or some of the followings:

  • Marketing Experiences [For Example: Mobile Marketing, Display/Video/Search/Social Ads, Communities, eMail/Influencer/Social Media/Content Marketing, Personalization, Optimization, Creative and Design]

  • Marketing Operations [For Example: Audience data, Asset Management, Project Management, Vendor Analysis, Performance, Dashboards, Analytics and BI]

  • Middleware [For Example: DMP/CDP, Tag management, Identity and APIs]

  • Platforms [For Example: CRM, Campaign Management, Web Content and eCommerce]

  • Infra-Structure [For Example: Big Data, Mobile App Development, Web Development and Social Development]

  • Marketing Enablement is a Certified Oracle Marketing Cloud B2B Master

Our Marketing solutions are based on business objectives defined by our clients. Our solutions include work in the following areas:

  • Marketing Strategy & Tactical Execution [we are focused on delivery]

  • Demand Generation [GTM, segmentation, tactical mix, omni-channel orchestration]

  • Marketing Communications [creative, online/offline, ACTR]

  • Brand Management [core messaging, value propositions and positioning]

  • Customer Insights [journey, attribution, experiential, competitive]

  • Performance & Success Measures [acquisition, conversion, ROI, LTV, etc.]